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LJP Construction Services offers the most comprehensive package of asset management, third-party peer review, risk management, and quality assurance services in the industry. Top builders and developers recognize Shark Repellent® third-party peer reviews as the industry standard, composed of proactive defensive strategies that help our clients to avoid costly construction defect litigation and ultimately build a better quality product.

REO/Asset Management

Our extensive construction experience and background in risk management enables the LJP team to provide relevant, specialized services for partially built projects and existing REO properties that require “outside the box” solutions. LJP can protect, stabilize and revitalize distressed assets in order to help achieve maximum value for all involved parties.

Risk Management/Third Party Peer Review

LJP provides tailored documentation services to comply with and enhance both the builders’ Quality Assurance/Quality Control program and insurance carrier requirements. Our review services and field observations assure constructability and code compliance, verify correct installation for all critical assemblies throughout construction, and provide guidance for future maintenance, with a variety of reports to fit your specific needs and particular type of project. The high level of experience and extensive skill sets of our professionals ensure detailed and thorough reports are delivered, further helping to reduce litigation exposure.

Specialty Services

Responsive, client-focused service is our hallmark. LJP is proud to offer a variety of specialty services which cater to our clients’ needs. Our experience in the industry allows us to provide an array of services for existing buildings, insurance requirements and audits, and litigation support.

Green Services

LJP’s green building services complement our existing third party peer review package and encompass pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction strategies. For over five years, we have worked with homebuilders choosing to implement their own green building plans as well as each of the major voluntary green building programs. Our package of services is constantly evolving to reflect the latest industry standards of care, in order to offer practical and cost-effective solutions for builders choosing to go green.

Training Services

Training Seminars help raise quality-awareness levels in the field, educate staff about correct building practices, and present solutions for common construction problems (such as water intrusion).

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