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Pre Construction

Plan reviews are conducted in-house by licensed architects with extensive experience on all building types. Specification reviews and trade contractor scope reviews are performed in-house by project managers with engineering backgrounds and purchasing experience in both commercial and residential construction. All reviews are custom tailored to each clients’ needs and requirements.

Focused Plan and Specification Reviews verify constructability and assure compliance with building codes and industry standards of care. Particular attention is paid towards critical litigation generating assemblies. LJP offers several levels of plan reviews from which to choose, clients may select extent of review based on particular needs and complexity of the project.

Existing Conditions Documentation provide digital video and photographic evidence of project boundaries and existing baseline conditions of all perimeter buildings and landscape improvements at pre-grading stage for infill sites and other physically challenged locations.

Contract Scopes of Work Reviews assure all specifications are complete and in compliance with industry standards of care.

Green Building Plan/Specification/Scopes of Work Reviews provide verification that specified green building assemblies and materials are compliant with building codes, industry standards of care, and consistent with the corresponding green development program as set forth by the developer/builder/owner/etc.

Waterproofing Consulting includes client meetings and recommendations as well as plan reviews and on-site documentation to ensure proper waterproofing.

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