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Asset Management

LJP ensures your property achieves its best use possible, including building and landscape observations for quality assurance, construction management, detailed off-site/on-site purchasing, and scheduling, and complete reconstruction management representing owners’ and financial institutions’ real property interests.

REO/Asset Management

Since 1993, LJP Construction Services and its family of companies have led the industry in construction risk management, third party peer review, sustainable building consulting, forensic investigation, and specialized construction management services. Our extensive construction experience and background in risk management enable the LJP Team to provide relevant, specialized services for partially built projects and existing REO properties that require “outside the box” solutions. LJP can protect, stabilize, and revitalize distressed assets in order to help achieve maximum value for all involved parties.

Comprehensive Project Management, Property Assessment and Due Diligence

Our team of developers, land acquisition specialists, and strategic market analysts can effectively track, analyze, assess and manage your REO assets. Whether you are starting with entitled land, finished lots, or a partially built community, our team can provide the guidance, property and risk assessments needed to get your project back on track and minimize your loss.

Construction Management and General Contracting

LJP’s team of professional staff has years of previous experience functioning as construction managers and general contractors on large communities, high-density residential projects, resort properties, custom homes, retail, and commercial office buildings. From purchasing to project close-out, we can complete and build-out REO projects in all phases of the construction process.

Post-construction and Customer Service

Post-construction and property management services are critical to the successful completion of your REO project. Our team can help ensure your customer service and warranty obligations are met and that the common area assets are properly managed and cared for throughout the statute of limitations.

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