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Building Inspection and Plan Check Services

Deputy Concrete, Structural, SWPPP and Building Inspection Services

Many of our builder clients are finding that local jurisdictions have implemented ‘shelter in place’ orders for their City and County field inspection staff, virtually eliminating the prospects to provide ‘essential services’ such as construction of much needed housing!

There’s been much confusion about the qualifiers to ‘essential services’ in mandated orders and recommendations in California and nationwide. As these discussions continue to play out, we sincerely appreciate the leadership of the California Building Industry Association in continuing their advocacy efforts in this regard.

LJP Construction Services employs a nationwide team of certified ICC B-1 (Residential) inspectors, B-2 (Commercial) inspectors, and B-3 Building Plans Examiners, who can assist in filling the void in the current building plan check and building inspection protocols normally provided by local governmental agencies. Our team also currently provides deputy concrete, structural and energy code inspection services as well as municipal SWPPP (QSP) inspections. On staff we also have licensed architectural expertise with registrations in California and Hawaii.

There are four key qualifying criteria for a “qualified person” to provide “independent quality review” services, briefly summarized below:
  1. The “qualified person” must have a minimum of five years verifiable experience as a building inspector, combination inspector or combination dwelling inspector from the ICBO and passed the relevant technical exams.
  2. The “qualified person” must hold a valid certification or appropriate license.
  3. The qualifying person shall engage in no other construction, design, planning, supervision or activities of any kind on the work of improvement.
  4. The qualifying person, or other legal entity, shall maintain professional errors and omissions insurance coverage in an amount not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000).
LJP Construction Services meets and EXCEEDS the qualifying criteria, and with our extensive residential and commercial construction expertise, we are here to help in your time of need!! 

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