For over ten years, LJP has provided green building consulting and field inspection services for leading residential builders and master planned communities.

With more than 30 green projects completed to date, we have worked with homebuilders choosing to implement their own green building plans as well as each of the major voluntary green building programs. These programs include LEED®GreenPoint Rated®, and Energy Star®, among others.

LJP’s green building services complement our existing third party peer review package and encompass pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction strategies. As former production builders and developers, we offer practical and cost-effective solutions for builders choosing to go green. Our package of green building services is constantly evolving to meet both our client’s needs and to reflect the latest industry standards of care. For more detailed information on these services or for help navigating any of the various green building programs, please contact us.

Comprehensive Green Building Consulting helps guide our builders and clients throughout the course of their project, from initial design team meetings to turn-over walks and maintenance manual preparation. LJP is experienced working with all of the major voluntary green building programs, and is recognized by these programs’ administrators, including the USGBC, Davis Energy Group, and Build It Green.

Green Building Plan/Specification/Scopes of Work Reviews provide verification that specified green building assemblies and materials are compliant with building codes, industry standards of care, and consistent with the corresponding green building program as set forth by the developer/builder/owner/etc.

Green Building Field Inspections document proper installation of all green assemblies and verify that specified materials are implemented during the construction process. Our team of green building consultants includes construction professionals that are Certified Green Building Professionals, GreenPoint Raters, LEED for Homes Reps and Raters, HERS Raters, and Building Envelope Inspectors (Quality Insulation Installation, Thermal Bypass Checklist).

HERS Rating services (including Duct Blasting, Blower Door Testing, QII, and Thermal Bypass) either as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with green field inspections.

Green Homeowner Association and Individual Homeowner Maintenance Manuals are designed specifically to help educate homeowners on proper maintenance procedures and standards of care for their home and its respective green features. These manuals are custom tailored for each project, will correspond with the builder’s chosen green building program (LEED, GreenPoint Rated, etc.), and provide additional resources and tips for your homeowners and HOA.

Green Building Training Seminars provide in-depth education about building science and its relationship to proper building techniques and subsequent installation in the field. An overview of risks associated with going green, steps towards implementing a successful green building program, as well as common mistakes that can lead to “green-washing” are covered.

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