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Post Construction

LJP provides the following by a department dedicated to post construction services. Manuals and resource guides, along with review services, to ensure that your project is properly maintained after completion.

Homeowner Association Maintenance Manuals supply comprehensive recommendations and procedures for implementing routine building and landscape maintenance for HOA common areas. HOA Manuals are available in standard, semi-custom, or custom for single-family detached, attached, or high-rise developments.

Individual Homeowner Maintenance Guidelines describe proper maintenance procedures, standards of care, and checklists specific for each new homeowner. Our Individual Homeowner Resource Guides are compliant with each state’s right-to-repair laws and are also available in standard or custom format.

Green Homeowner Association and Individual Homeowner Maintenance Manuals are designed specifically to help educate homeowners on proper maintenance procedures and standards of care for their home and its respective green features. These manuals are custom tailored for each project and will correspond with the builder’s chosen green building program (LEED®, GreenPoint Rated®, etc.).

Annual Maintenance Reviews provide a third party evaluation of all common area assets on a annual basis to ensure that regular, ongoing maintenance is being carried out according to the HOA maintenance manual and builder’s directives.

Videotaped Turnover Walks provide verification of existing baseline conditions of all common areas upon turnover to the HOA for maintenance.

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